Blumarine Spring 2024 RTW Collection is Heaven Sent

Blumarine Spring 2024

Blumarine Spring 2024 RTW Collection is Heaven Sent

Blumarine, the fashion house of every girl’s dreams, released its Spring 2024 Ready-To-Wear Collection for all the angels out there. Every collection the brand has dropped ends up on thousands of Pinterest mood boards. Gold-everything, butterfly motifs, and rosette details adorn the outfits in this collection. Blumarine has stolen the hearts of their audience and helped them see an angel with their own eyes. 

In true Blumarine fashion, the brand delivers romanticism in the most hyper-feminine way possible. Feathers, rhinestones, and butterflies, oh my! While playing around with several materials in this collection, the clothes stayed consistently on theme. Draped sheer fabrics with ruffles clung to models effortlessly, making them appear as goddess statues. Gold leather looks gave off flattering silhouettes, despite a usually constricting fabric. 

However, the make-up worn by models juxtaposed their angelic looks. With peachy eyeshadow around the eyes, these angels look like they’ve been up all night. Mesh, PVC, and other barely-there looks were nightlife-ready, and immediately became a uniform to sin in. 

Along with the symbolism of purity with angels, another symbol of femininity arose in this collection. Butterflies symbolize transformation, beauty, and freedom, emphasizing the concept of rebirth. The insects are on jewelry, shoes, belts, bags, and brooches. Several looks featured intricate embroidery of delicate butterflies and flowers in either tan or charcoal chrome colors.

Accessories were dipped in gold, along with some pieces that contrasted nicely with the paleness of the angel wings. The concept of butterflies for Blumarine is familiar, as they were recently in their Spring 2022 showcase, a major ode to the 2000s. Opposite to previous loud and in-your-face collections, this one was refreshing to see. “I just felt it was time for more light, more lightness, more butterflies,” says designer Nicola Brognano. The iconic cursive ‘B’ was present once again, as the brand’s logo appeared throughout the show.

Brognano was eluding to the concept of the divine feminine, the goddess energy within all of us, in this collection. He’s an expert in crafting sensuality within clothing. Monochrome got its maximalist makeover at Blumarine, making it look anything but ordinary. Ultimately, this collection reminds us that less will always be more. Brognano combined two of many stereotypes women are usually held to and made them into something women can be proud of being again; pure and delicate, but still a bit raunchy. 

Featured Photo by Filippo Fior for Vogue Runway

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