Bishme Cromartie F/W 18

Bishme Cromartie F/W 18

Let me take you on a voyage, is how young womenswear designer Bishme Cromartie begins our conversation. “The process of a butterfly was the synopsis behind the unveiling of the A/W collection.”

As you enter the room you are immediately greeted by mossy green vine covered walls that are enclosed and reminisicent of a nest or cocoon. Thus making sense to chose common ground bar as the exclusive venue to host the presentation.

The designer Cromartie wants you to embark on the process of a butterfly from the moment you walk into the room. Standing in the center of the room where the lively dj and tons of flashing cameras are surrounding us, as I  continued to listen. “When you look at the colors you notice a transition from the initial process to the final stage.  I chose earthy tones to show the edgy harshness then contrasted them with vibrant colors to show a softer more confident feel.”

As someone who would consider myself a target demographic of his clothes, I enjoyed the shapes he chose such as the ruffles to convey wing like dimension. Down to the accessories the entire lineup was well executed and the cohension (if you had to give it a score) was definitely a 10/10.

Check out Bishme Cromartie’s collection below:


Instagram: @Bishme_r_cromartie

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