Bella Dahl’s New Pop-Up In Selfridges

Bella Dahl’s New Pop-Up In Selfridges

L.A.-based brand, Bella Dahl, launches a pop-up store in London’s Selfridges for the summer. 

Globally renowned for their sustainable, ready-to-wear collections, Bella Dahl is bringing California heat to gloomy London. With a clothing line boasting beachside comfort and easy sophistication. 

Utility Romper (via Bella Dahl website)

The available collections mainly use Tencel™ fabric, a silky material made from wood pulp, to sustain the brand’s eco-friendly nature. In fact, Bella Dahl’s pop-up even features sustainable artwork by U.K. artist, Anu Ogunmefun, who sculpted a tree made from 200 handmade Tencel™ leaves. 

While style and sustainability are integral to Bella Dahl, the brand also prides itself in its celebration of feminine power. With collections that tend to the many roles, women can take on in their day-to-day lives. Whether they’re mothers, sisters, teachers, or CEOs, Bella Dahl introduces comfort and style as easy to achieve feats. Choosing to uplift and celebrate scopes of womanhood, without sacrificing femininity for feasibility. 

As the U.K. officially reopens, the brand also aspires to celebrate the near end of the pandemic. Purposefully curating a pop-up that makes you feel like you’re in nature and in your community. On the design for the pop-up store, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Steven Millman said that “We wanted to create a beautiful ‘Instagrammable’ moment in-store that will mark the return to retail, the beginning of summer, and the lifting of restrictions.”  

Since Bella Dahl’s founding in 2010, Millman and CEO, Kerry Jolna, wanted to create a brand that was both stylish and ethical. With their unique slogan “Soft on you, softer on the planet,” Bella Dahl maintains that dream to this day. As fast fashion continues to harm the environment, it’s imperative to make that shift from quick to sustainable. 

To shop Bella Dahl now, visit their online website

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