The Most Popular 2021 Shoe Trends That Are Worth the Hype

The Most Popular 2021 Shoe Trends That Are Worth the Hype

Some familiar shoe trends like jelly shoes and retro sneakers have resurfaced this year. Meanwhile, other trends this year are taking classics and giving them a modern twist – lug-sole boots, for instance, are reminiscent of the classic combat boots. And with the many shoe trends emerging out there, it may be difficult to decide which one to try out. So to help you with your search, here are the most popular shoe trends you should definitely consider:


Fuzzy Slides


Fashion forecasters didn’t see this trend coming. However, it does make sense that this “at-home” style has been making its way outdoors since 2020. After all, because of remote work, your everyday clothes will likely now consist of comfy sweats and slippers. If you ever need to go outside for some errands, you’ll be happy to know that you can un-ironically wear your fuzzy slides. UGG’s Fluffy Yeah Slide Sandal combines slippers and sandals into a statement shoe that you can wear with a mini dress or jeans.

Sporty Sandals

JVO27 under Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Sporty sandals were first showcased back in the spring-summer runways of 2019. This may be a surprising trend, as some people consider it the opposite of chic, even branding it as “tourist sandals.” But sporty sandals are making a major comeback in 2021 as they perfectly combine fashion and function so they’re great whether you’re running errands or going to lunch. The Lamirca shoes by Aerosoles are lightweight and comfortable with their diamond-shaped quilting and foam footbed.

Retro Sneakers

Travel back to the 1980s with some throwback sneakers. But rather than making a comeback, it would be more proper to say that this has been an enduring trend for years. 2020 saw the release of Originals Continental 80 by Adidas, the Nike Daybreak, and the New Balance 990 V5 Sneaker. This year, New Balance 550 has decided to continue to go minimal with one of their newest collaborations with AURALEE, a Japanese brand known for simple but luxurious shoes. The AURALEE x New Balance 550 release has a tonal look with a yellowed midsole that almost reaches the upper part of the shoe. This is expected to be released exclusively in Tokyo by the end of July.

Lug-sole boots

Combat boots have never really gone out of style. In our post on ‘Upcoming Shoe Trends’ we discussed that while different kinds of boots are now becoming trendy as well, such as thigh-high boots and zip boots, they are not as popular as the lug-sole boots. Glamour claims that Lug-sole boots are flying off the shelves due to their geometric soles and fisherman-like silhouettes. The Vagabond Shoemakers Tara Chelsea Boots are a sleek pair that serves both style and function. If you want a classier look, the Gucci Buckled Leather Platform Ankle boots have a rhinestone-encrusted buckle.

Jelly shoes

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Jelly shoes were one of the biggest trends in the ‘90s despite being controversial. After all, these shoes looked like they were made of jello and mostly had a hint of glitter in them, making them look like they were for children. But jelly shoes are now back with designs for adults – from the eye-catching Moschino Jelly Sandals to the more neutral Chinese Laundry Women’s Feliz Jelly Sandal. Meanwhile, the Dear Time Women Flat Heel Summer Beach Jelly Shoes has that nostalgic design that a lot of people remember from their childhoods.


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