Balenciaga’s LA Show Is A Grocery Trip To Erewhon

Cardi B Pre-Fall24 Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s LA Show Is A Grocery Trip To Erewhon

Balenciaga had its first-ever runway show in Los Angeles, a spectacle that combined high-end couture with an unexpected twist–a collaboration with the upscale grocery store Erewhon. The event took place on Windsor Blvd under the Californian sun, creating a unique atmosphere that blurred the lines between the runway and the streets.

Cardi B, a familiar collaborator and face of Balenciaga since 2020, surprised the audience by making her runway debut alongside renowned figures like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Joey King, and Kendall Jenner. Despite feeling unwell, Cardi B showcased her dedication to the brand by strutting down the palm tree-lined street in a floor-length blue faux fur coat, Balenciaga’s signature leggings, and heels.

The LA show was a departure from Balenciaga’s previous themes of war. Creative director Demna Gvasalia, known for his provocative designs, shifted his focus to the beauty of Los Angeles. The collection, spanning 73 looks, captured an idealized, sun-kissed American life inspired by Hollywood’s influence on Demna during his formative years.

The show’s partnership with Erewhon added an unexpected twist, with guests receiving Erewhon x Balenciaga-branded grocery bags. Kim Kardashian embraced the collaboration in her pre-fall 2024 attire, showcasing a Balenciaga-branded Erewhon shopping bag filled with white flowers.

The collection featured a range of styles, from easy sport attire to grunge daywear, paying homage to the street fashion of LA. Erewhon’s influence extended to logoed leather goods, emphasizing the collaboration’s unique blend of high fashion and everyday life.

Despite Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaign in 2022, which led to calls for a boycott, the star-studded audience at the LA show, including Kim Kardashian, sparked a debate about the apparent contradiction. The brand was criticized for its “Gift Collection” holiday campaign featuring children in bondage gear. However, the celebrities in attendance seemingly overlooked the past controversy, leading some to label them as hypocrites.

Balenciaga’s LA show marked a departure from its usual provocative themes, celebrating the beauty and influence of Los Angeles. The collaboration with Erewhon added an unexpected touch, creating a fashion spectacle that blended luxury with everyday life.

Featured Photo by Filippo Fior for & Vogue Runway.

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