Does Astrology and Fashion Go Together?

Does Astrology and Fashion Go Together?


Are you into horoscopes and astrology by chance? Did you ever stop to think how they both tie into stones and metals? (Not to brag, but I have the BEST sign in the zodiac….team LEO! 🙂

While many external factors determine the fashion choices we make (leave the suede at home if rain is imminent!), one thing that humans have done since the dawn of civilization is look to the stars – and this is where zodiac stones come in.

Whether you’re seeking added confidence in the workplace, stronger and more passionate romantic relationships, or an innate desire to feel more grounded in a social setting, consider the stars to point you to the right zodiac stones and metals.



So which lucky sign has a pearl as their stone? None other than Cancers (you can see the other signs and their stones here)! According to NYC based Astrologer and founder of Vibrant Astrology Soul, Courtney O’Reilly, pearls are considered lucky for all wearers, but line up especially for Cancer signs to serve them well. Courtney recommends wearing “a pearl necklace to enhance your natural luminosity.”

So where can Cancer’s get the perfect pearl? The Pearl Source! f you’re not familiar with them, The Pearl Source is the leading online retailer providing the highest quality pearl jewelry at affordable prices with up to 80% off retail, and they offer a stunning and unique collection of pearl necklacespearl earringspearl braceletspearl pendantspearl rings, and more that can take you from classic to edgy in a snap.

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