Angelos Frentzos Presents “Departures” 2024 Collection

Angelos Frentzos Presents “Departures” 2024 Collection

Fashion designer Angelos Frentzos kicks off his new collection, “DEPARTURES” inspired by the departures and busy energy of airports. The new collection presents airport elements such as passport phot booths, bold stripes, and attracting media prints for instance. Thus, each design incorporates details of graphic design.

On top of that, the collection exhibits a mix of classic casual wear with modern material. This creates a lovely “crashed effect” style. It even takes on a tuxedo look to provide the look of elegance and poise. What’s more, jelly cotton fabrics make each design appear more fitting. In addition it blocks the garments layered underneath with a mix of folded and draped textures.

Also, the collection gives the appearance of salvage. This means that hardware details are restored with golden components to boost the quality of each design. In final, narrow silhouettes are side by side with jumbo silhouettes to unleash a millennial feel. Overall, the major highlight of this collection is the attention to layering and non-luxurious accessories. For these reasons, the “DEPARTURES” collection honors style, creativity and novel ideas.

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Angelos Fretznos was born in Athens, Greece in 1972. In 1992, Fretznos graduated from Athens Fine Arts and Printing Design and started out as a prints designer for both furniture and clothing. His brand became an international label after he presented his first women’s collection in Milan Fashion Week. A year later, Frentzos released his first mens wear label to equally showcase both sexes.

Featured Image by Bill Georgoussis

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