Alibaba’s Tmall China Cool Returned to NYFW Presenting Five Chinese Designers

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Alibaba’s Tmall returned to New York Fashion Week presenting the collections of five prominent and emerging Chinese designers.

Alibaba’s Tmall, the world’s largest business-to-consumer online marketplace is known as the Gateway to China for international fashion brands to reach the platform’s more than 670 million Chinese consumers. It is also home to China’s top and emerging fashion designers. For the 3rd year in a row, Tmall brought some of China’s top creative talent to showcase their collections at New York Fashion Week. The shows are a celebration of a rise of homegrown fashion talent in China, a trend Tmall describes as “China Cool”.


This year’s showcase included established Chinese designers including PEACEBIRDTHREEGUN, RiZhuo, and emerging designers, SONGTA and i-am-chen.

China’s leading multi-brand retail and fashion label, PEACEBIRD, began the day of shows with a collection that celebrated Chinese youth culture and sports. Inspired by the hardworking and self-reliant spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the runway combined elements such as gold medals and a volleyball court to bring the concept to life.




Nationally renowned Chinese intimate apparel brand, THREEGUN, debuted a collection designed by emerging Chinese designer Chuang Qu.  The architectural collection was inspired by the Chinese character “裁” meaning “to tailor”, portraying the union between classic silhouettes and modern fabrics.



Emerging designers SONGTA and i-am-chen presented a collective runway show. Inspired by the school uniforms in the modern Chinese city of Shenzhen, SONGTA’s debut collection portrayed the future and culture of Generation Z. i-am-chen presented a joyful collection inspired by the small encounters and surprises in life captured vividly by photographer Kourtney Roy.


Contemporary womenswear label RiZhuo concluded the day of shows with a collection that was inspired by poet Wang Wan’s By the Beigu Mountain and the melancholy sentiment of returning home.



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Alibaba’s Tmall China Cool Returned to NYFW Presenting Five Chinese Designers