SS20 All Things Mochi

SS20 All Things Mochi

On September 4, 2019, All Things Mochi, the lively brand bringing an array of cultures and their artisan crafts to life kicked-off New York Fashion week to introduce their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Designer, Ayah Tabari, shines a light on traditional embroidery techniques from around the globe by working with artisans to input their craft into every collection.  With a distinct vision, Ayah Tabari and her team brought the Filipino Payihas festival (a traditional celebration of a bountiful harvest) to the forefront in their presentation set and designs for SS20.

All Things Mochi’s presentation that kicked-off Fashion Week in New York invited guests to step into a celebration of a beautiful culture that included: 

  • Models lining the room in ombre fields of wheat to embody the celebration of the harvest

  • Traditional Dancers & Drummers setting the scene and aura that mirrored the liveliness of the annual festival

  • Hand-crafted props (Hats, Fans, Belts) and decor from the artisans were sent over as a gift to bring good luck

  • Vibrant eyeliner, natural skin, and nails handpainted in the collection’s designs pulled the bold-looks together with an extra touch of flair


During the festival, The Republic nods to their National Hero, Maria Clara. Inspired by their faith and honor, Ayah stepped up to modernize the butterfly sleeve dress to include silhouettes made popular by Filipino women and whom they look up to. Additional inspiration for the collection was pulled from the traditional embroidery that is meticulously handmade by the Filipinas at home by using silkworm thread on piña fabric. The various floral prints seen through many pieces in SS20 reflect nature, as the Philippines consists of over seven thousand breathtaking islands with landscapes ranging from beaches to forests.

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