Adidas Sambas: I Get the Trend

Adidas Sambas: I Get the Trend

I remember hurrying around my middle school bedroom, searching for my go-to running shoes as I rushed to get ready for the 8am bell. My white, scuffed up Adidas Sambas always made the cut. They gave a lived-in, kick around feel to whatever look I was wearing that day (most likely my school uniform at the time). But, I retired them a few years later for a pair of plain black Nike tennis shoes that were so in for high school me. So, why are they trending again in 2023?


Originally, the Adidas Samba shoe was manufactured for the 1950 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil. It was the “first football cleat specifically designed to provide traction on frozen ground.” Designed by brand founder Adi Dassler, this athletic shoe was named after the popular Brazilian dance as a way to remember their origin. The rubber sole allowed these kicks to flourish on and off the soccer field.

How Are The It Girls Wearing Them?


Yet, It Girls like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are rocking these sneakers off the field and on the streets of SOHO. Emily Ratajkowski paired her classic white pair with a turquoise two-piece set as she walked her dog- and looked stylist doing it. But, these sneakers don’t require an athletic dress code: influencer Camille Charrier wore a vintage shearling jacket with mom jeans and a basic white tee. The look becomes timeless with the black Adidas Sambas. These two vastly different looks show just how the Adidas Sambas aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


What makes these kicks so popular is their retro sporty look- the lightweight, suede exterior gives them an easily wearable feel. Their durability ensures their longevity, and their price tag isn’t too bad either. Depending on the version, the Adidas Sambas start at just $90 on


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