Accessories that will Instantly Glam Up Your Look

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So there is that saying, “accessories make the outfit” and it is absolutely true! No matter what you wear, accessories is the icing on the cake whether you are wearing a bedazzled dress or just a plain old t-shirt. They do say “less is more”…but that depends on what you are wearing. Some looks call for more accessories and others call for less. For me, not only does it depends on my look but mood also plays a factor. I am sucker for accessories and I understand not everyone is an expert at what accessories to wear; unless you’re a stylist, duh; but it’s ok. That is where we come in. We all want to look chic and effortless without looking like we over did it. So lay back, relax and check out these accessories that will instantly glam up your look to stay forever chic.

Statement Necklaces
One of the most go-to accessories to transform a look. Statement necklaces work best with minimalist pieces that won’t clash. It instantly elevates and creates a effortless tone to your look.

Two things shades are good for; looking fabulous and hiding but for now, let’s stick to the fabulous part. Sunglasses are simple but play such a large part in looking good. It creates an instant attention and can glam up the most dullest look. Sunglasses comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to have a pair of shades for every different occasion.

Classic Pumps
The classic pointy toe pumps are timeless and makes every outfit look chic. Put on the most casual top and pairs of jeans you can find and then throw on a pair of pumps. It’s incredible how much a simple shoe can drastically change the very tone of your outfit.

Cocktail Ring
Cocktail rings never goes out of style and it will never well. It’s a great center piece when it comes accessories because it is meant to grab attention. Every ring has it’s unique spectacle and fit for what ever the occasion may be.

Pearl Earrings
Pearls are also a timeless wear which goes with any and everything. It is certainly my go-to earrings. When all else fails or you simply don’t have the time to sort out what earrings goes best, pearl earrings are your best friend. Always chic, always classy.

Bangles are like an accent to the arm. There are so many different styles and ways of pairing them. Simplistic and stylish bangles can go a long way, adding a distinctive charm that is fresh and fashionable.

Statement Clutch
They bring a new waves of accessories and are perfect for the Summer, because it calls for something a little more fun. This is the perfect accessory to accompany your arm. Look for designs with unique textures, shapes, hardware (metallic) or prints. This is another accessory which works best with simple accessories (dainty necklace or earrings). It also comes in handy when transitioning from day to night for a more instant glam to your look!


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Accessories that will Instantly Glam Up Your Look