Inherent Clothier suits up the most empowered men

Inherent Clothier Suits

Inherent Clothier suits up the most empowered men

The Colorado Springs-based tailoring brand has a collection rich in style and empowering in its message. Through its vintage tones, the brand gives life to a new modern man, who is able to connect his grace to his powerful self-love. The men at Inherent Clothier are proud of who they are and their feelings suit up their bodies, no matter the shape or the color.

Taylor Draper, CEO of Inherent Clothier, explains to us the brand and its upcoming spring collection, in collaboration with the Emmy-winning costume designer behind Mad Men, Janie Bryant.

  • What’s the story behind the name of your brand and what’s your background in fashion?

Taylor Drape (TD): The name “inherent” came from me and my team kind of defining what we’re trying to do with our clothing, which was to give men the confidence to overcome things like depression, anxiety, which I have experienced in my own life which is how we created the brand. The name “Inherent” came from just knowing that confidence is inherent inside everyone.

To The Garnette Report, Taylor shares his fair new experience in fashion, In the industry since 2019, the CEO has discovered new skills in designs and technical approaches, specifically when it comes to tailoring.

TD: I was in digital marketing and web development. It’s been an amazing two years. I’ve met a lot of really great people and master tailors who have taught me a lot.

Inherent 2021

  • What’s the bridge that connects mental health and fashion? 

Inherent Clothier was born out of the necessity to restore balance and mental well-being in man’s life. Living in a male-dominated society full of toxic masculinity is a challenge for those who identify men too. Taylor found his solace in fashion, after a challenging time of depression and anxiety in his personal life.

TD: The only thing that I had that made me feel any sort of confidence was being able to put my suit on, every day and get dressed.

To overcome my own situation was just talking about how I was feeling. And I attribute that confidence to just being able to put on my suit in the morning and just get a little bit of an anchor for how I was feeling about myself first. That’s when I found out that there are all of these studies supporting that and the big one is called enclosed cognition. When I realized that there was just so many connections, I decided that this was going to be a message that I needed to get out there to men and create this really cool stylized way to create just a safe place for men to be able to talk about their feelings just like they used to in the 20s and 30s when they had their confidence and their tailor or their barber, and being able to kind of restore that but with a new sense of creativity and a new sense of style.

I’m trying to just really redefine what it means to “man up” if you will. Because to me, that phrase means to be in touch with your feelings and with yourself, and knowing what you’re going through. And being able to then make positive steps to overcome that.


Inherent 2021

  • Why do you feel the need to highlight those trends in your new collection?

TD: We’re doing a signature suit, which is coming out so we designed a specific silhouette.

It’s kind of taking inspiration from the 30s, to be. With a little bit of a bigger shoulder but then slimming everything down to a little bit more of a modern cut.

We have kind of a little bit bigger of a shoulder, we usually do a half-inch on each side, past the shoulder bone. Then we slim the sleeves down. We slim the waist just a tad, but we keep the seat kind of bigger, so you get a nice hourglass shape, and it’s still very very comfortable and not pulling at all. So no matter your body type and you’ll still get a really nice hourglass kind of shape.

  • What’s the typical man who enjoys your clothes and pieces?

TD: The Inherent gentlemen it’s just someone who’s constantly wanting to better themselves in every aspect of their life. It’s someone who cares about how they dress and cares about how they are presenting themselves to the world.


Inherent 2021



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