3 Back to School Trends to Follow for Fall 2023

3 Back to School Trends to Follow for Fall 2023

‘Tis the season for composition notebooks and cute planners. Class is back in session! Whether you’re just starting your freshman year of high school or college, you need to find out how to make a statement with your outfit. So put on Red (Taylor’s Version), grab your pumpkin spiced latte, and take notes–this will be on the test.

In My Bow Era


It’s official: back to school season calls for bows, bows, and more bows. And no, mom, it’s not the ‘80s. An easy way to look more put together is to throw a bow in your hair. Instead of casually putting your hair up in a bun, try this easy style. This tip is perfect for 8 am classes and those early mornings when you just can’t bring yourself to style your hair. But bows don’t only belong in your hair- I’ve seen bows decorate purses, graphic tees, and even cowgirl boots. 

Maxi Skirts and Chunky Sweaters


As the temperatures drop, the sleeves come out. An interesting new pairing that’s been dominating the fashion sphere are maxi skirts coupled with chunky, oversized sweaters. Paired with layers of jewelry and your faithful backpack, you’ll be ready to take on the day comfortably, and in style.  

Mixed Metals


Jewelry is the It Girl of the 2023 fall season. Instead of breaking classroom rules, break fashion rules–mix your metals! Fill your wrists with bracelets of different eras that you already have in your own closet (or maybe your mother’s). Mix and match your favorite gold locket with your silver angel numbers necklace for a look that is as bold as you are. Showcasing your eclectic personality through jewelry can be an engaging conversation starter if you’re looking to make new friends! Bringing out the old and the new adds dimension to your outfit.

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