It’s a 2000s Girl Summer- Graphic Tee Edition

Photo of Avril Lavine wearing a graphic tee

It’s a 2000s Girl Summer- Graphic Tee Edition

By: Caitlyn Garrity / April 23, 2021

Arguably, there is nothing more powerful than stepping onto the town with a t-shirt with “Dump Him” across your chest. While fashion evolves, the trends are seeing more flashbacks to the 90s and 2000s with low-rise jeans, unique hats and statement pieces, like fun graphic tees.

Photo of Britney Spears sporting a graphic tee

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Summer is hot, so while you might not wish to wear a graphic tee with a fur coat and jeans, there are many ways to incorporate these sassy shirts.

Pair a Slogan Tee with a Flirty Skirt

Photo of slogan / Graphic Tee shirt on Paris Hilton

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Queen of sass, Paris Hilton, was the expert when it came to these slogan graphic tees. She paired them with long and short skirts that were both sassy yet girly. If you’re afraid of a low-rise skirt, try going for a cropped tee with high-rise jeans or a pleated skirt.

Get Funky with Unique Pants

Yeah, summer is hot, but on days where you might be spending the majority of your time in A/C or cooler areas, you can definitely get away with long pants. A new trend of funky cut-outs in pants has recently taken over social media. Pair these unique pants with a cropped graphic tee for a simple yet trendy look.

Photo of Olivia Bee wearing a Graphic Tee

Photo via @oliviabeeeee on TikTok

Go Simple with Jean Shorts and a Graphic Tee

The age-old look of denim shorts with a tucked-in tee will probably never go out of style. For days where you’re in a rush and want a simple, yet stylish outfit, jean shorts are a sure bet for success.

You can stick with just tucking in a graphic tee into your shorts but to spice it up, try mixing colors and lengths. Biker shorts or even long shorts can look super cute paired with a cropped graphic tee for a different look. You could also try to find unique shorts with embellishments or colors to play around with color matching.

Photo of a graphic tee

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You can find this shirt here.

So go ahead, channel your inner Regina George or Paris Hilton. In lieu of the “Hot Girl Summer” hyped up on social media, fashion is looking forward to seeing these slogan graphic tees styled this summer.


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