Trey Songz Concert in Ohio Nightclub Faces Consequences with Covid-19 Violations

Trey Songz Concert in Ohio Nightclub Faces Consequences with Covid-19 Violations

Since the pandemic things have been different like going to concerts. Concerts are like the best thing for celebrities to see their fans. Why would people go to a concert during a pandemic? A nightclub in Ohio is now cited for Covid-19 violations due to a Trey Songz concert.

Saturday night, R &B singer Trey Songz had a concert at club Aftermath in Ohio. An estimated 500 people attended the concert with no precaution of wearing masks or no social distancing. The club was cited for improper conduct and disorderly activities. According to Ohio Investigative Unit, “Patrons were congregated throughout the premises with no attempts to maintain social distancing and no physical barriers in place”. People were seen sharing alcoholic beverages and most employees and patrons were not wearing masks. 

Ohio Investigative Unit enforcement commander Eric Wolf told NBC News affiliate WCMH, “Basically, it was just a concert environment, “If you had taken that event and put it in 2019, it would have been pretty much the same concert, same event that was taking place last night.”

The Investigative Unit also told NBC, the incident has been referred to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for potential penalties, including the revocation of its liquor license.

New York Post

The photos of the event shocked everyone including, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein. He stated, “I honestly thought that it was from 2019, that there was no way an establishment would act like that, during a pandemic that threatens our entire community, with utter disregard for public health standards”

Even though it was a regular concert, it should not have taken place during a pandemic. People are dying every day because of the virus. People are willing to risk their lives to go see Trey Songz. The worst thing is Trey Songz knew what he was doing was wrong. Songz contracted the virus back in October. So why would he risk the lives of himself again and his fans? 







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