Catching Back Up with The Kardashians

Catching Back Up with The Kardashians

     On April 14 the Kardashians returned to reality TV with their new hit series “The Kardashians” after a one-year hiatus, and if you were wondering, no, they didn’t leave the drama back in 2021.

     You can see all the familiar faces, along with some newcomers like Travis Barker, exclusively on Hulu every Thursday. The reboot will include 40 episodes total spread out between 4 seasons. We’re currently only three episodes in, and I’m already on the edge of my seat munching on my Poosh approved snacks.  

     According to a Hulu spokesperson, the series premiere was the “biggest in U.S. history” for the streaming site. Although, specific numbers were not provided, as Hulu does not release rating information.

     But let’s be honest, who wants to hear about analytics when Kim’s scandalous past has come back to haunt her, and Kourtney is lip locked with Travis every two seconds.

     The original series, “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” ended after 15 years of air time, non-stop theatrics, countless spin-offs and your favorite sisters saying “bible” way too many times per episode.

     Although the family took a well-deserved break from the spotlight, the Kardashians nor the Jenners were no stranger to the media during their time off.

     In case you need a refresher, Kim divorced Kanye, and pause for dramatic effect, started dating Pete Davidson, Tristian betrayed Khloe once again, Kris is still the ultimate mom boss, Kylie and Travis welcomed baby number two into the world and Kourtney married her long-time friend turned lover Travis Barker.   

     These monumental Kardashian-Jenner events are covered within the first three episodes, yet most of us have already seen each situation play out on social media. Despite viewers prior knowledge, the show captures each event in a light that the public has not yet had a chance to see. The show gives us an inside look at genuine, raw emotions shared between the family and close friends, but for more you’ll just have to tune in and see for yourself.

     To keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner family tune in every Thursday at 12a.m. ET exclusively on Hulu.

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