Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie

Releasing on October 13th, Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert film will be playing in theaters across North America.

With the average of 72,000 people attending her concerts each night, she has become even more of a world phenomenon. With the Eras Tour being the highest grossing tour ever totaling to about 2 Billion U.S. dollars, we can all say Taylor Swift is in her new “era.”

In the past, Taylor Swift has released her concert tour films to subscription services like Netflix. But now, without needing a subscription to any service, anyone and everyone is able to watch the concert film in theaters!

A lot of Swifties, the notorious name for Taylor Swift fans, were unable to attend her greatest concert yet. Many couldn’t come due to it being sold out, or even because of financial reasons. But Taylor Swift being the icon she is, is letting everyone experience her concert through film.

Competing movies coming out around the same time such as The Exorcist: Believer or What Happens Later are now being pushed back due to the Swiftie fandom taking over. Even though these movies have been in the works for years, people are realizing you can’t even compete with an artist like Taylor.

With the live concert running about 3 hours long, the film is expected to be a little shorter than that. But I can assume that it will still include everything and more that the fans will want to see and hear about.

So now, instead of spending money on a concert ticket, you have the option to see it in theaters for close to $20!

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