Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Turn Your Passion Into Profit



The wheel was a very good get note take away from this night.

One of the speakers mentioned this wheel theory; with the 9-5 drive and just constantly running and running but how far you got always seem to be up to some one else. How do you get off the wheel and what do you do once you are off it? The way we get off the wheel is bringing our ideas to the public.


Food tech was another topic bought up during tonight’s lecture. Food tech is applying technology to the food services world. But food tech to me was the ideal of this event. The whole idea was how to turn your passion into profits. Via food tech, chiefs are now able to be entrepreneurial.  Another topic was creating financial services to communities who don’t have access to it.


We need to change financial services. It is our money. It is very important for people who have desires and passions to understand that. In order to make your passion into a profit, we need that moment that we are ready to take a risk. That moment when you are ready to risk it all for your passion.

“Never be afraid to encourage others.”

We know we have something to offer.  A passion must consumes you; for a passion to work it has to be a big part of your life. We all need to be a voice where there is no voice.  Any business that is not flexible it will fail. We all have to flexible to change. If a business has no growth or pain, you not doing something right. Always listen to your self and be true to your band.

We have to focus on the future of work. According to data the independent workforce is on the raise. We need to learn how to capitalized on it. One thing, I took from all this was there is no success without failure. As well not to chase the dollar. You have to risk something to make your passions derive.


We have to be patient with the process and that is one thing I learned and to me as a freelancer this was   a good take away. As a freelancer, I  wanted to solve a problem. Another topic was how do we solve problems in the market place. I wanted to change to conversation in photography and bring menswear photography back to the main stream in New York. I wanted people to be happy and enjoy being on set.  It so important to create a market and change the market.

If you are smart, you learn every day, this was an important lesson. Another take away was: the same team you start with may not always be the same team you end with.

Cliff Note: To be a big fish you have to start thinking like a big fish.





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