Grown-ish Recap- Life Lesson’s Seen Today

Grown-ish Recap- Life Lesson’s Seen Today

Grown-ish has been confronting the everyday issues as a college student, that relates to many millennials today. Each episode has tackled the social political standards of a generation that we live in and learn to survive through the portrayed aspects of the sexualities, diverse inclusion, struggles, valued lessons and relationships. It dedicates the show to young adults moving into adulthood that finally get a tase of freedom and pivotal decision making.

An insightful writer from Medium, named “Ryan Douglass” stated, “Though Grown-ish stumbles some in its execution, it fits into the market as a welcome addition to shows about college kids, while also winning for diversity in its reflection of marginalized youth.”

“The space between teenhood and adulthood is largely overlooked in media, but is becoming increasingly visible. In a recent opinion piece published Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, scientists argue that adolescence now lasts from 10–24, due to a changing economy and transitions in social roles. Compared to previous generations, today’s young adults are delayed in getting married, having kids, and finishing their educations. While our parents were independent at our age, us Millennials tend to find ourselves growing up slower and facing a unique set of struggles that our parents never had to face. The type of jobs and technology we have and use make our experiences, miles different to what our parents had to face. Grown-ish explores that in a way where both young people and older people can understand what the characters are going through.”

Season 2 explores self-identify being a challenge. Zoey faced a lot of decisions regarding the woman she wanted to be and what she would and wouldn’t tolerate. College can come with many difficult tasks. As expected self-identity flourishes from our parents or either caretakers, but with that comes a proud sense of validation and living up to those expectations. For many people early adulthood is a time to find your own identity that is unique. During this process it involves becoming more independent, separating from loved-ones, and defining one’s own individuality, Although it might come with a variety of challenges.  Life doesn’t come with a handbook or guide, but positive and negative learning experiences that may lead to hurt, heartbreak, joy or pain so one can learn from so it and doesn’t change who you truly are. What you allow is a reflection of what you think of yourself, but in todays modernized world staying true to one’s self can be one of the most difficult things to do.

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