Tech the Halls Startup Demos and Charity Night

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Tech the Halls Startup Demos and Charity Night

\Can you hear the jingle of Christmas spirit as it’s buzzing through the air? NYC is loaded with events to get you in the mood for Christmas. One, such event is the Tech the Halls: Startup Demos and Charity Night that was hosted on November 30. Tech the Halls features a handful of startup companies that give back to the community, or create innovative platforms to bring education to the hands of the masses.



Code/Interactive is a nonprofit that brings computer science programs to schools and trains educators. They were hosting a raffle on this night and giving out free t-shirts. To support Code/Interactive, or join their Yes to CS community click here.

The way that our technology is evolving, children should be taught computer science to help navigate the world in the future.


Out in Tech:


Out in Tech supports the LGBTQ+ tech community. Their goal is to be out there in the world representing the LGBTQ+ community and fostering career access for LGBTQ youth. They do this on a global level which is fantastic. To learn more about them, click here.


One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)


OLPC is a nonprofit geared to provide a quality education to every child in the world. As the name suggests, OLPC provides each child with a laptop designed to promote the child’s natural curiosity. To learn more about OLPC, click here.




GrowNYC is a resource for New Yorkers to learn about sustainability and improve their city and environment. The green efforts of GrowNYC has yielded programs that promote education, gardening, and recycling. To learn more about GrowNYC, click here.




Along with the charities at the Tech the Halls event, there were startup companies that performed demos of their products. BioDigital aims to bring to life a virtual 3D body. BioDigital has created a web-based app that hosts a collection of virtual anatomy models that empowers everyone to learn about health and medicine. This app is a complete game changer for its accessibility. To check out the app, click here.



Bravely has a unique concept; they are a resource guiding employees and coaching them through workplace issues. Bravely is like a school guidance counselor but for work. Their goal is to alleviate workplace stress and improve the lives of workers. To learn more about Bravely, click here.




Wethos is a freelance platform built for nonprofits and socially conscious businesses to source individual contractors who believe in your mission. To check out Wethos, click here.




Micgoat is a video app that allows users to engage in one-on-one discussions about politics and social issues in America. The video app empowers users to have a voice and share their opinions with others in hopes to lead conversations and allow users to find a middle ground or provoke new ideas with conversation. To delve deeper into Micgoat, click here.


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