TikToker Deanna Giulietti: OOTDs For Confidence

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TikToker Deanna Giulietti: OOTDs For Confidence

Social Media has taken on a huge role in deciding current beauty and fashion standards. With this, people might find themselves struggling to be confident in their appearances. Deanna Giulietti, a rising TikTok star from New York, is showing her followers how to be confident in any outfit and how to always feel like a 10/10.

The NYC native has become known for her Outfit of the Day TikToks, where she essentially becomes her own “hype girl.” In these videos, Giulietti gases herself up for the day and begins every video with her signature line, “The OO-TA-DAH.”


Her videos are lighthearted and focused on building self-confidence through yourself. Giulietti uses her platform to inspire others to become their own hype woman and to be more confident in themselves.

Deanna Giulietti: A Theater Background

While Giulietti might seem like your average TikTok star, she also has quite the resume. Giulietti performs theater in New York City and has performed in shows like the Jersey Boys and Legally Blonde. Her theatrical personality shines through her TikToks and her viewers love it. In her videos, you will find her dancing, singing and being goofy with family and friends.

Giulietti and Others: Building a Positive Community on TikTok

TikTok has been under fire in recent months for its seemingly negative reputation. From cancel culture to hate comments to eating disorder promotions, TikTok has become a place for tons of negativity. However, creators like Giulietti are using their platform for good and to become a positive role model for TikTok users.

Photo of Deanna Giulietti smiling with her head thrown back wearing a bright red coat

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Creators similar to Giulietti include Sienna Gomez (@siennamae on TikTok), Mina Mosharaf (@minarecovers on TikTok) and more body-positive influencers. Giulietti and other creators are becoming a safe space for those who might struggle with their self-image or confidence. These influencers show how to love your body in the form that it is and that it is OK to have fat or stretch marks.

With over 630,000 followers, Giulietti is no stranger to TikTok. Aside from her self-confidence videos, she also likes to tell funny stories from her life, share The Bachelor updates, discuss human rights issues and more. As her following grows, Giulietti makes sure to keep up with her comments by replying to her followers consistently. You can also find her going live on TikTok every so often to engage with her loyal fanbase.  As a creator, she is refreshing, relatable, funny and most importantly, using her platform to spread positivity.

Even though Giulietti is known for TikTok for now, with her theater career and bright personality, she has the potential to become far more than a content creator. Maybe one day, Deanna Giulietti will be the beautiful lead of a Broadway musical and we can all hope that her pockets are big enough for the audacity, to look that good.

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