Fashion Nova Merch for Men is Fire!

Fashion Nova Merch for Men is Fire!


Fashion Nova has a lot of new clothing arriving for men and their affordable prices are calling for end of Summer and Fall shopping sprees! With short sleeve hoodies, joggers, track pants, cargos, varsity jackets, pullovers and so many great graphic design tees, you can start to create your next style with a lot of variety to choose from!

Fashion Nova was started by Richard Saghian, an Iranian American based in California. He learned fashion retail quickly from his father who had a few boutiques and he founded Fashion Nova in 2006, as a brick and mortar in Paranorma Mall in Paranorma City, California. As time went on he moved around with it a bit and by 2013 he took his store to e-commerce, building more connections and gaining a significant amount of clients from Instagram and Hollywood celebrities that promoted his affordable and stylish clothing, appealing to women of a more bodacious body frame. He expanded from 60,000 Instagram followers to millions in a short period of time. His merchandise sells quickly and based on fans top choices, they decide which looks to bring back. They are constantly changing up the game, adding close to 600 new looks weekly.

Kylie, Cardi B, Blac Chyna to name a few are proud supporters of the brand. Fashion Nova has been noted by google to be the top brand searched through their engine and has hit record highs for sales. Why is it so successful? Not only does it target a large urban community but it has celebrity promotions, and the expanding online markets that connect cause ripple effects in other countries too, making its fast paced multitude of low priced options seem very hot that people are easily tempted to buy!

When asked if he would partner or work with Amazon, Saghian stated, “We don’t need to work with Amazon. Our customer comes to our site.” Which is a smart move, keeping it all on one site and working with thousands of different manufacturers privately shows a clean cut approach to business that won’t backfire in the future.

Ladies, you can always get your boyfriend great gifts in bulk that he might love to slowly look through piece by piece and get excited for!  And fellas, your choice to express yourself through comfort and style is right in front of your eyes. Go for it! Here are a few that caught my attention. For more, go to




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