The Election Brought Big Wins for Democrats

The election on November 3rd-which bled into the week following due to mail-in ballot counting- was an overall win for the Democrats. “The US experienced a historic turnout rate of 65.1% – the highest in over 100 years – delivering the popular vote and electoral college to Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate,” according to The Guardian. From Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being elected to President and Vice President to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being reelected. They held onto their current seats while gaining many more in the process.

According to the Associated Press, President-Elect Biden managed to win over some major swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona which ultimately led to his victory over incumbent Donald Trump. So, as Democrats prepare to take back the White House, they have also managed to maintain their majority in the House of Representatives-215 to 196 over republicans- despite losing four seats to the right. And while they don’t hold the Senate majority, they were able to hold onto 13 seats and gain one in the process. If this election has shown us anything it’s that the Democrats came to this election to win. And they’ve done just that, for the most part.

NowThis Her posted this video a couple of days after the elections came to a close highlighting some leader members who were reelected and or elected to office in this election:

Over the past few weeks, as expected social media is running rampant with both celebrations and regrets for this election. People on the left were delighted, while people on the right leaned more toward harsh rhetoric. And similar to social media, the streets were flooding with celebrations as well as counter-protests toward this election’s results. These impassioned reactions have remained consistent as America adjusts to the recent changes over the past few weeks. While they are likely to continue as this event continues to unfold into next year, one thing is certain. The excitement and passion that many have put into political facets this year are memorable. The devotion that bled into all the votes cast and all the campaigns just shows that Americans care, and refuse to sit idly back when they’re called to action. Here’s to an impassioned America, let’s keep the wheels of change moving in more than just the political arena.


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The Election Brought Big Wins for Democrats