Fllumé Presents Modest Fashion at NYFW

Fllumé Presents Modest Fashion at NYFW

On Tuesday afternoon Fllumé showcased their collection at New York Fashion Week. The brand was created by four Muslim sisters, to empower women through modesty. “We wanted to start our brand to convey a message, to women, you can make an impact and create change without compromising your identity,” says one of the founders.

The USA-based clothing line aimed to provide modest fashion, after the creators found it difficult to find representation in the fashion community. “Fashion has no faith, color, or shape. We want to make all women feel their very best.”

As explained by the designers, the collection is inspired by women in the 70s. This was an era where women empowerment truly started and began the breaking down of barriers. “The 70s were definitely an era where women sought to conquer the world and bring so much change into how women were seen and what positions they were able to hold.”

As the designer explains the collection,  it includes, “power suits, bold colors, prints, maxi dresses, shirt collars on pants, skirts, and dresses.” The goal of these designs is “to show a powerful masculine touch” to the pieces.

“The tone is bold powerful colors; emerald, purple, pinks, blues… it’s a beautiful fusion when it all comes together.”

The goal of empowerment is on full display throughout the collection as a group of diverse confident women are shown sporting the designs around the town.  The models had a beautiful soft glam makeup look that added to the collection but still drew your eyes to the actual fashion.

The video footage of all the pieces shows up close to each designer item. This really showcases the detail that was put into the design elements.

‘We want to motivate women through our designs, culture, and story, which is what makes Fllumaé.”

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