Don Toliver “Love Sick” Tour Coming To An End

Don Toliver “Love Sick” Tour Coming To An End

Don Toliver has been on tour for his latest Love Sick album, and after months of traveling, it is almost closing night.

Released on February 24th, the album has become widely known due to its catchy songs and featured artists: such as Justin Bieber, Future, James Blake, Brent Faiyaz, and more!

I personally believe that Love Sick is what put the artist on the map. Releasing this album was something that was unexpected to the fans and something that the world was not ready for.

The song “Private Landing,” featuring Justin Bieber and Future blew up off this album. Making appearances all over the media and trending for its original beats. Collaborating with big pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Future was the perfect way for Don Toliver to show who he is and what he is becoming in the following years.

Don Toliver introduced himself to the music world back in 2017, debuting his first single titled “Diva.” As he has gotten more familiar in the industry, he has begun to work with more well known artists such as Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, SZA, and Lil Uzi Vert. Featuring on well known albums such as HEROES AND VILLAINS, JACKBOYS, and Pink Tape.

While on tour these past couple months, Don Toliver has gotten some pretty big guest star appearances to come perform with him on tour. Stars like Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Pierre Bourne. These artists are names that are familiar to the industry that if you bring them out, the energy of the concert will raise tremendously.

Overall, the Love Sick tour is only the beginning for Don Toliver. Thus giving himself a great start in his career and giving his fans more to look forward to in the future.

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Check out the last few tour dates below!

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