Angel For Fashion Unveils 2024 Fashion Forecast

Angel For Fashion Unveils 2024 Fashion Forecast

With New York Fashion Week right around the corner, Angel For Fashion is gearing up to unveil their Fashion Forecast for the 2024 Fall and Winter seasons. This platform will showcase a selection of independent designers beginning on February 12 through February 16, at 30 West 56th Street in Aeffe’s Showroom in Midtown Manhattan.

Photo by Roberto Vivancos:

Angel For Fashion is an e-commerce platform that supports the Ukraine fashion industry, acting as a brand-building platform. The brand was created by Founder and CEO, Jen Sidary, as a recovery effort for the Ukrainian economy during the war. On their website, you can shop by designer or product to find a variety of high-fashion pieces. 

Their goal is to unite global fashion industries and foreign markets by highlighting creativity in diversity. All of your purchases on the website and at the unveiling directly support the brand’s efforts. 

Keep reading for a list of the designers, collections, and influencers that will be showcased this season: 

Photo by Angel For Fashion Press Release: 91LAB

– 91LAB: This collection is inspired by the designs on ceramic vessels of the Trypillia stone-copper age culture, and is symbolic of flowing water and the infinity of the universe.

– BOBKOVA: With both style and poise at the heart of this collection, these designs transcend time, defined by timeless elegance and confident femininity.

– ELENAREVA: This collection is inspired by the maiden braid, a Ukrainian symbol of female beauty, featuring elegant looks with soft silhouettes and delicate chiffon frills. 

Photo by Angel For Fashion Press Release: Gasanova

– GASANOVA: The “Woman with Pepper” collection embodies the indomitable spirit and independence of Ukrainian women. This collection features bold designs adorned with elements inspired by black pepper. Mark your calendar to meet the famous Elvira Gasanova at Fashion Week, where Gasanova will showcase her collection from Ukraine in person. 

– GUDU: This collection emphasizes strong, feminine qualities through textured eco-leather and intricate silhouettes, as it seeks to explore the protective function of clothing. 

Photo by Angel For Fashion Press Release: My Sleeping Gypsy

– MY SLEEPING GYPSY: The ‘Icons & Muses’ Collection is inspired by the timeless artistry of a renowned Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha. These designs celebrate the portrayal of women as powerful icons, merging the elegance of the Art Nouveau period with sustainability.

– OMELIA: Collaborating with social bakery Good Bread from Good People, OMELIA presents a sustainable collection, showcasing the beauty in diversity, recycled vintage and stock shirts. 

Photo by Angel For Fashion Press Release: PODYH

– PODYH:  Founded by Daria Plaksyuk, PODYH draws inspiration from architecture to create womenswear collections. These designs create a seamless balance between simplicity and sophistication, reflecting various architectural styles with thoughtful elements.

– GUNIA PROJECT: The Gunia Project draws from traditional ethnic cultures, to create exceptional pieces. Design thinking and ethnographic research reflect an artistic approach to craftsmanship in this collection. 

When speaking about her brand’s mission, Sidary said, “ is not just a retail website; it’s a movement to support independent brands. We’re here to redefine the fashion landscape, empower designers, and celebrate the beauty of diversity in the world of fashion.” 

Join Angel For Fashion and they welcome you to visit their business-to-business market this month in New York. And, keep an eye out for their next one coming up in Milan, July 17-21 for the Spring/Summer 2025 Pre-Collection!

Shop their creative styles and be an “angel for fashion”.

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