The “Clean Girl” Aesthetic Take Over TikTok; Is It To Stay?

The “Clean Girl” Aesthetic Take Over TikTok; Is It To Stay?

TikTok is the source of many trends when it comes to food, music, makeup, and fashion. Trends in the past that have made their footing on the social media platform include the revival of y2k fashion, looks inspired by the HBO show Euphoria, “cottagecore” and “academia” aesthetics, and more. Recently, TikTok influencers and other creators on the app are hopping on the new aesthetic for the near year; the “clean girl”. 

The “clean girl” aesthetic follows the trending cycle of new “it girl” routines on social media, reflecting a desirable lifestyle and look. The aesthetic builds on the idea of “model off duty”, “fresh-faced”, and “expensive”. It consists of very natural makeup, highlighting one’s natural features, neutral colors, comfortable yet chic outfit choices, and minimalistic gold jewelry, which arguably leans one’s appearance to look more pristine and expensive.

Makeup-wise, the idea of “clean” refers to soft lines and “no-makeup makeup”. Those participating in the trend are focusing on dewy skin, fluffy brows, lightly contoured faces, and flushed cheeks. To top off their look, many use hydrating lip oils or lip balms, such as the famous Dior lip oil which has been in and out of stock since the end of 2021. Many also slick back their hair, further highlighting the natural face and putting an emphasis on minimalism.

Fashion-wise, the trend consists of a focus on a capsule wardrobe. The style choices are very minimalistic with a nod to the love for neutral tones and classic silhouettes. Since the fashion choices are meant to be comfortable yet chic, layering of basics with oversized coats and scarves are rising in popularity for the style on-trend. Many outfits consist of athleisure too, elevating the look of a simple sweatsuit to look more sophisticated, expensive, and cohesive. By adding gold hoops, gold necklaces, and gold rings, many simple outfits can be elevated to fit this aesthetic. Furthermore, button-down shirts are becoming popular again through the trend along with trench coats, penny coats, rectangle sunglasses, loose fitted trousers, and midi skirts.

This “clean girl” aesthetic has taken off on social media starting from TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. It is interesting to see the focus on such a neutral and minimalistic aesthetic, as it contrasts the y2k trends and grunge looks to the tee. Furthermore, the focus on basics and high-quality pieces are arguably going to lead the trends away from fast fashion, something that would benefit the fashion industry and the environment immensely. However, with the fleeting nature of trends, this minimalistic aesthetic may be out the door in a few months, making these purchases just as harmful to the environment as other fast fashion purchases. With that being said though, the nature of Gen-Z maturing and beginning to break into the adult world (real world) may cause this particular aesthetic to be on-trend for many years to come so hopping on the bandwagon doesn’t seem like the worst idea.

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