Spooky Season Makeup Looks

Spooky Season Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks:


Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

October 24, 2020

Halloween is almost here! This is the first time we will be experiencing Halloween inside. However, do not let the quarantine discourage you from not dressing up. Halloween is one of the best holidays. I would argue better than Christmas because you are able to express yourself through makeup, costumes, and wigs. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is doing makeup looks. I came upon Beauty Guru, Ally Things Beauty. She is a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and creator. In her store, which is found on Amazon.

Ally Things Beauty: https://www.amazon.com/shop/allythingsbeauty

Her store features makeup, facemasks, body and hair care, merch, and filming equipment. The store is very versatile in its products. Moreover, the store features Halloween makeup for those who want to try out these looks from their own home. I am going to provide easy looks that I found as well as more challenging ones. I’m not a makeup artist at all, but I feel like I was able to serve looks with this makeup creation. Makeup is fun and that’s what Halloween is all about having fun!

Photography: Instagram/@allythingsbeauty

Photo 1: First look we have spiders crawling on the face also known as Skin Crawl. This is a classic Halloween look to get your spook on. I think this look is something simple and anyone can do it at home. Most Halloween looks can be intimidating, but this look allows you to step up your makeup game.

Photography: Instagram/@allythingsbeauty

Photo 2: We have another classic look from the movie, Child’s Play, we have Chucky! This is a popular costume. This look is a little more challenging, but still doable!

Photography: Instagram/@allythingsbeauty

Photo 3: This look is a spooky lemon. The hardest of the three, but a very fun challenge. This look seems to require face paint and special brushes. The detail of the teeth and the lemon on the neck is amazing! It is spooky, but also beautiful!

Please give this artist a follow on Instagram @allythingsbeauty. Check out their store and merch. As Halloween comes around, have fun, stay inside, and be safe! 

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