Searching for New Podcast? Look No Further than Skincare Anarchy.

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Searching for New Podcast? Look No Further than Skincare Anarchy.

By: Caitlyn Garrity/ Mar 1, 2021

Finding a new podcast can seem like a challenge when it is the new craze to become a host. However, Skincare Anarchy Podcast hosted by Ekta Y. is a new podcast that aims to uncover the secrets of the beauty industry.

On platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and four more, Ekta’s Skincare Anarchy is giving her audience the chance to hear how people in the beauty industry are innovating and improving.

Currently, the podcast is on its fifth season and has featured top brand CEOs, Beauty Editors from Allure, Instyle, Glamour, celebrity dermatologist and more. The episodes get directly into the content without any filler music or unrelated content. Ekta is not often the star of her episodes either. She asks constructive and intelligent questions to her guests to allow them to steer the episode and inform the audience.

Whether you are looking to gain information about the beauty industry to determine if that is the career path for you, or if you are just looking for more information about the industry and certain areas in general, this podcast has something for you. They cover topics like makeup, skincare, dermatology and the ways that beauty is sold and marketed to their audience.

Podcasts have proven that they are a great thing to get into while cleaning, traveling, working out or doing homework. While some podcasts are greatly entertaining and will leave you with a funny story, some aim to educate. Skincare Anarchy is definitely a podcast that serves to educate and inspire its listeners with the guidance of the questions posed by Ekta. Ekta’s black-owned, women-owned podcast is on the come up and constantly growing, so it is definitely worth checking out.

You can keep up with new episode drops and more information by checking out Skincare Anarchy’s Instagram.

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