Must Have K-Beauty Essentials for 2020

Must Have K-Beauty Essentials for 2020

It’s difficult to deny the impact K-Beauty products had on skincare in the past decade, but as we look forward to New Year’s beauty trends, the niche market is back in the spotlight. Say good-bye to cartoon panda face masks and hello to Korean innovation from AZN Labs.

The LA-based premium skincare line is the in-house brand of K-Beauty curator Beautytap. In addition to luxury beauty products, it’s a well-known destination for K-Beauty advice, content and educational resources and it put its own knowledge to the test with the creation of AZN Labs, launched in 2019.

Its flagship product, Afterglow Ampoule, is a high-end, anti-aging serum that immediately rejuvenates and pampers skin using Asian ingredients, a sought-after skin solution within its community of consumers.

Discover the flagship serum and new eye and lip patches that were featured in the 2019 Emmy and Oscar Awards gifting suites!

What Is Astaxanthin and Why It’s Becoming the Must-Have K-Beauty Ingredient of 2020


AZN Labs owes its success to the science behind the development of astaxanthin. This powerful antioxidant is derived from red algae and carries far more potency than CoQ10, vitamin E or vitamin C.

Aside from delivering intensive defense against the free radicals caused by UV rays, pollution and everyday stress, it carries moisturizing properties benefiting those who are suffering from age-related dryness, dark spots, dullness and loss of elasticity. Astaxanthin is a versatile ingredient shown to reverse signs of aging and prevent future damage.

Why isn’t it used in more cosmetic products? It’s extremely difficult to work with as it degrades quickly in light and heat and in response to oxygen exposure. With dedicated scientists in Japan and master formulators in Korea, the super ingredient is now available in three different AZN Labs products:



– Afterglow Ampoule

– Hydrogel Eye Patches

– Hydrogel Lip Patches


With the AZN Labs Collection, you can restore skin’s vitality and resilience while achieving softer lips and smoother eyes. Best of all, there’s no complicated skincare regimen steps, no damaging ingredients and no invasive treatments.

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