Healthy Hair Will Be the Biggest Trend of 2020

Healthy Hair Will Be the Biggest Trend of 2020

Award season is upon us and fashion week is just around the corner. Pantone has declared the color of the year as classic blue. Sleeve volume was the talk of the town at the Golden Globes and self-care is going next level for 2020. What’s on the horizon for beauty, especially hair care? We sat down with Michael Canalé, hair colorist to the stars, for a chat about what’s coming next for hair and for him.Michael Canalé” width=

Hair Color Trends for 2020

Health and beauty must go hand in hand so say goodbye to aggressive blonding. Carnale states, “ We are looking to bring back the integrity of the hair,” reminding us that no haircut- not even the bob that everyone was sporting last weekend- looks good if your hair isn’t healthy. When it comes to repair and conditioning hair, Canalé warns against too much of a good thing. Protein treatments harden the cuticle layer of the hair by attaching protein directly to the follicle. In harsher climates, as we transition from winter to spring, hair is, by and large, dryer. “Too much protein on dry hair is damaging,” says Canalé. Protein treatments should last “no more than 5 minutes on the hair.” Best bets: a mild protein with additional moisturizer.

A Healthy Hair Care System

Michael Canalé Hair Care System
All of these tips have the goal of healthy hair because healthy equals beautiful. So it’s no surprise the Canalé’s new hair care system rebuilds from the inside out. The patented hair care system already has a dietary supplement (Replenish) formulated specifically to support thick, healthy hair. Now there is a supplement that will add a boost, made of organic spirulina.(Replenish Boost) Spirulina is the superfood algae. He tells us: “it stimulates and actual builds integrity… the protein in this superfood turns into hair.” He has also formulated a topical vitamin that is absorbed in the scalp and swells the hair shaft. This foam, applied to the hair between shampoo and conditioner, is a unique blend of antioxidants and vitamins, promoting hair growth. And of course, Canalé, the expert colorist has created this formula as an additional protection before and after coloring hair. New to the line (available for pre-order now) are custom made hair glosses. To be used in between colorings, these glosses are a protection and effort to keep the color sealed,even providing UV sunblock. The glosses were also built to complement skin tone. Canalé tells us that the effect the gloss has on the hair can have the added benefit of even freshening up the face from day to day.
We can clearly see the time, forethought and expertise that went into making this line is second to none. Canalé is truly a master of his craft.
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