Morphe 2: Natural Looking Makeup On the Rise

Morphe 2: Natural Looking Makeup On the Rise

By Samantha Krevolin


As people are exiting quarantine and going back into the public eye, they are striving to look their best. Morphe, American makeup brand, is launching a new sub makeup brand called Morphe 2, aimed at giving people a natural look while still adding some glam. Morphe sells a variety of makeup products and brands that have given off a strong vibrant look in the past. They have collaborated with well-known makeup artists such as James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star, and Maddie Zieglar. Now Morphe is trying to keep up with Gen-Z through their establishment of the sub-brand of Morphe 2; giving off a natural look for daily wear. 


Morphe 2 is planned to launch starting July 30th and will be sold on their online site and in makeup stores including Sephora and Ulta. In order to effectively target the Gen-Z audience, Morphe strategically chose to use Tik Tok stars Charli and Dixie Damelio to model the sub-brand. They posted the announcement on both their Instagrams and TikToks. Charli has the most followers on the Tik Tok app, with over 70 million, and Dixie has plenty of followers herself with over 30 million. Their large following and popular platforms lead Morphe 2 to become a launch to look forward, so fans of the Damelio’s can look like their favorite celebrities.

Another key aspect of Morphe 2’s success in targeting the Gen Z audience is their goal of the products giving off a low maintenance look, improving skincare, and easy to apply for makeup beginners. People of all ages greatly value the health and well being of their skin, especially on their face. The products give off a simple look, while not harming the skin. Products like the “Hint Hint Skin Tint” (a foundation which comes in 20 shades), “Jelly Eye Shimmer” (gel eyeshadow that comes in six shades), and “Gloss Pop Face and Eye Gloss” (clear gloss for the face) are very multiuse functional and not highly-priced. The products range from $9-$24 making it easily accessible. 


The launch of Morphe 2 is a big step for the company in attracting a larger following and audience and will help the Damelio sisters in doing so as well. The large variety of products and shades in the sub-brand as well as the low price makes it a hot commodity. Purchase the products before they run out to give off the sleek natural but beautified look social media influencers recommend themselves.

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