5 Must-have Summer Finds!

5 Must-have Summer Finds!

With longer days and warmer weather, it’s almost summer! We have five must have products to help you have your best summer ever, more info below!


1. Baseline Wellness Immunity Boost

With businesses reopening you may still feel a little uneasy going out this summer. With Baseline you can feel a little more secure. Baseline is proud to introduce an innovation in immune support that brings together a rare combination of liposomal vitamin C and D in a clinically proven formulation.  Immunity Boost features a patented liposomal delivery system which offers 6x better bioavailability than non-liposomal products.  Liposomal C is being commonly used as recovery treatment for COVID-19 patients.  Vitamin D3 has been recognized as an important part of this equation, with research showing COVID-19 patients who were not severely affected also did not have a deficiency in Vitamin D.

$32- Learn more at baseline-wellness.com


2. Rental Style Book

Give your space an update with the help of Chelsey Brown, expert small space and rental interior designer! Rental Style is the Must-Have Book for Renters and Small-Space Dwellers! With pages of ideas on how to decorate and organize a small space on a budget, author Chelsey Brown is a master of easy and quick decor fixes that won’t hurt the bank! In Rental Style, Chelsey covers:

• Decorating to maximize small spaces

• Incorporating more seating into your smaller home

• Combating limited storage

• Ways to “renovate” a rental kitchen

• Hosting in a very small home

• And more!

$24.99- Learn More at https://www.citychicdecor.com/rental-style


3. Coconu – Coconut Oil Based Lube

Rev up your summer romance with the help of Coconu, pure organic lube. Coconu is made with 100% organic ingredients to increase natural moisture levels. Coconu is also edible and can even be used as a massage oil! Who doesn’t love a multi-use product?! Also available in a water based formula!

$24.99- Learn more at coconu.com


4. Stealth

Get the perfect summer body with Stealth, a breakthrough fitness system that’s gamifying your workout one plank at a time. With Stealth, your body becomes the game controller. Simply slip your phone into the slot, choose one of its addictively fun games, and start building a stronger core and leaner physique as you twist, turn, pivot, and hold steady to reach the high score.


Learn more at stealthbodyfitness.com


5. SharedKey

Schedule a time to visit the family vacation condo with SharedKey! Take the stress out of sharing your favorite private vacation property with the ones you love by using SharedKey. This unique online property organizer was created by two brothers who wanted an easier way to manage and communicate with their family about their cherished vacation property. SharedKey is now helping families in over 30 countries around the world!

Learn more on SharedKey.com

It’s FREE (no credit card required) to use for 30 days and THEN pay if you like it! SharedKey has a gift pack of a travel-friendly mini Buddha Board, Starbucks gift card and a SharedKey keychain.

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