Makari De Suisse celebrates melanin

Makari De Suisse celebrates melanin

Selecting skincare is always a challenge. What works for some may not work for others. Coupled with the challenge of understanding skincare needs picking the right product for dark spots, stretch marks, or flaky skin can even be daunting. However, Makari De Suisse, the global luxury beauty brand, prides itself on creating effective products for discolorations, oily skin, anti-aging, or uneven with their botanical-based formulas. Although skincare can be daunting, it can also be fun- indulging in beautiful and luxurious smelling products, exfoliants, moisturizers, and masks.

Makari, which translates into “beautiful” in Swahili, is an established niche branch dedicated to minimizing the signs of aging. The products include moisturizing crèmes, exfoliating soaps, and healing serums that deliver visibly lasting results for its consumers—their approach to skincare, combining both innovative and safe ingredients into daily regimens. Formulated in Swiss labs, Makari products are gentle, using the power of plants, minerals, and marine ingredients to achieve high skincare quality.

Image Courtesy: Makari

The products made for women and consumers of color using the hashtag #MadeforMelanin and range from a deep cleansing lotion to reduce rashes, impurities and refine skin’s texture; a velvet rose soothing body lotion made with guarana that has twice as much caffeine as coffee beans and tightens, brightens and reduces wrinkles. Other products include body milk, a 24K Rose Gold product line, and exfoliating scrubs.

Image courtesy: Makari

Makari continues to grow and now has a global distribution network spanning across 30 different countries including North America, African, Asia, Europe, and Australia. As the seasons start to cool off and we enter the winter months, no one wants their skin to suffer. But Makari offers a wide range of products and can even help discover the right one for your skin type. You can shop and find the product right for you here.

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