CBD Body Oil Featuring Tepezcohuite!

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Introducing the 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly Body Oil that is the ONLY product on the market to combine Tepezcohuite AND CBD! Tepezcohuite is a bark extract commonly used in Mexico for centuries. Sustainably sourced,  this key ingredient was first utilized by the Mayan culture in the 10th century to treat skin lesions. Today, it is used for burns, acne, and anti-aging. Combined with the power of pure CBD, this dream come true Body Oil combo provides:

  • Incredible skin moisturizing!
  • Vitamin A, C & E to foster active skin nourishment!
  • Skin cell regeneration to help fine lines, acne and dark spots!
  • Post-shower and massage treat for skin!
  • Topical pain relief!
  • 600mg of Full-Spectrum, organic hemp-derived CBD!
    • 100% vegan-friendly and plant based!
    • Unscented!

Beat the heat and drying weather this summer and nourish your skin with this FIRST OF ITS KIND two part combo of CBD and Tepezocohuite!

$68 for 4oz – learn more at https://lifeelements.com/products/cbd-body-oil


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CBD Body Oil Featuring Tepezcohuite!