Black owned beauty brands

Black owned beauty brands

In the beauty industry, Black Owned Beauty Companies are on the rise. Black women are not only provided with products from these companies, but they are also provided with jobs. Furthermore Tanisha Williams and her sister Tia founded the company in 2013.   A lot of mainstream beauty brands overlook African American women, which is why they decided to create a company that would cater specifically to them.  The Black Owned Beauty Company has grown from just two sisters to over 100 employees with offices in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The company has also expanded their product line to include hair care products as well as skin care products.

“Black women were created of brown sugar and warm honey. The sweetest thing to bless the earth. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

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Well-Known Melanin Brands

  The beauty industry has a multi-billion dollar market. It is one of the largest sectors of the global economy. For decades, Caucasian-branded cosmetics have dominated the beauty industry. In addition, black-owned beauty brands are gaining popularity now that they are making their way into the market.  

Now, we will explore some of the top black owned beauty brands that are making waves in the industry and how they have managed to make their mark on this competitive market.

The top black owned beauty brands are:

1. Carol’s Daughter

2. Shea Moisture

3. Black Opal

4. Fashion Fair Cosmetics

5. Nubian Heritage

Fashion Fair Cosmetics

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Nubian Cosmetics

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Brands to Support

Lisa Price Founded Carol’s Daughter in 1993 in order to provide her daughter with safe beauty products.

 Hair and skin care products, fragrances, and cosmetic products have become part of the company’s product line.

Based in Harlem, New York, Shea Moisture was established in 1992. Its products are known for their natural ingredients.

Carol’s Daughter

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Shea Moisture

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Recognition to Melanin Beauty Brands

In Australia, Black Opal launched its beauty brand in 2000. Founded in the year 2000 by entrepreneurs who wished to offer high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price, Black Opal Cosmetics offers high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price. They have been able to do this by sourcing their ingredients from all over the world and manufacturing them in China, where they have access to low-cost labor. They wanted to create a line of products that would help them maintain their hair without having to use harsh chemicals or treatments. .

Black Opal

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