Clip-in Extensions for Volume and Length with Barefoot Blonde Hair

Photo of Barefoot Blonde Hair and all their extension colors

Clip-in Extensions for Volume and Length with Barefoot Blonde Hair

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Feb. 1, 2021

Good extensions are hard to come by. The quality of the hair within the extension is important when it comes to heat styling and the longevity of the hair. Barefoot Blonde Hair is a company that aims to sell high-quality, ethically sourced and long-lasting clip-in extensions to elevate your hair.

What is Barefoot Blonde Hair?

Amber Fillerup Clark, wife, mother of three and entrepreneur, created Barefoot Blonde Hair after years of using extensions. She began using clip-ins at 15 years old and has been on the prowl for the perfect set of clip-ins ever since. With Barefoot Blonde Hair, she has created premium, seamless extensions made of 100% Remy hair that lay flat to your head for comfort. Remy hair is unprocessed hair with the cuticle still in-tact. With the cuticle still in-tact, Remy hair is extremely shiny, soft and high-quality. The Remy hair allows for users to apply heat and style their extensions just as they would with their regular hair.

Photo of Barefoot Blonde Hair and their wefts

Photo via @bfbhair on Instagram

What makes Barefoot Blonde Hair unique is its variety of products and colors. They sell three different kinds of extensions for people who have differing reasons for using extensions. Their extensions come in 23 colors, so you can find the perfect match for your hair color. BFB offers a variety of services for their customers to use in order to find their perfect color. You can choose an in-house appointment if you are in Arizona, a Skype appointment or color match yourself with their free at-home kit.

BFB: Classic Extensions


Photo of BFB extensions in Classic

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The classic set from BFB Hair is the normal lengthening extension set. Available in 21 inches and 24 inches, this set is meant to be for those looking to add volume or length to their hair. The 21″ set comes with 10 seamless wefts and the 24″ set comes with 7 wefts that allow you to choose how you style your hair with the extensions. The 21″ set is available for $214.99 and the 24″ sells for $349.99.


Photo of Barefoot Blonde Hair of the Up Clip-Ins

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The Up Clip-Ins are a unique and fun way to spice up your updo. The extensions are 18″ and they only come with one seamless weft, meant to be used in a variety of hairstyles. Using these extensions for updos allows for your hair to appear thicker and healthier with shiny and healthy extensions. Their website features a video on how to use their Up Clip-Ins. The Up sets sell for $114.99.

BFB: Fill-Ins

Barefoot Blonde Hair picture of girl wearing their Fill-Ins in red

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Finally, BFB Hair’s Fill-Ins is a perfect option for those looking to start using extensions and only want to add volume to their hair. The Fill-Ins come in 14″ and 18″, and they are perfect for shoulder-length hairstyles. Each set comes with two seamless wefts and you can learn how to use them via the video on their website. The 14″ set sells for $74.99 and the 18″ sells for $139.99.

Expressing Yourself Through Hair with Barefoot Blonde Hair

Amber is known for her voluminous hairstyles and her extensions promote expressing yourself through hair. For more hair inspiration, you can check out Amber’s Instagram for unique hairstyles and how to incorporate Barefoot Blonde Extensions into your everyday styles.

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