Natural Bunch Kids: Haircare Small Business Taking on COVID-19

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Natural Bunch Kids: Haircare Small Business Taking on COVID-19

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Jan. 27, 2021

Proper and healthy hair care products are for everyone, even children. Founder Betty Ceus created Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care to give parents appropriate products and education to teach their children how to embrace their natural hair texture.

Meet Natural Bunch Kids Founder Betty Ceus

A Port-Au-Prince Haiti Immigrant, mother of two and educator in the child care industry, Ceus launched Natural Bunch Kids in 2016. She founded the company with just her and her daughter, an inspiration for the brand. She told Teen Music Insider that her daughter, “brought the child perspective, she corrected me, inspired me and gave me motivation to make her proud when she becomes older.” Her goal with Natural Bunch Kids is to provide parents with tools and knowledge of natural hair to maintain healthy hair for all textures.

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Not only does Ceus own Natural Bunch Kids and has her hair license, but she is an experienced entrepreneur. She has founded two other companies: Determined Wings and The Brainy Bunch Daycare. Those companies focus on empowering women and mothers along with serving children in low-income communities. The New York resident continues to show her passion for motherhood, children and empowering women of all cultures, especially through Natural Bunch Kids.

Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care’s Mission

With natural hair, comes different types, different textures and different routines to keep it healthy. Whether your child has wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair, NBK sells products to aid the beauty of natural hair textures. Empowering children at a young age to love their natural hair and teach them how to take care of it is vital. Natural Bunch Kids is doing this by selling a range of kids’ hair products on their website which includes oil treatments, conditioners and shampoos, creams and more. These products are natural, free of parabens and alcohol, and contain hair-boosting oils.

Not to mention, the website is designed accordingly to their mission with alphabetical lists of the products. NBK’s clever and fun packaging aims to excite kids about using these products.

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Along with their products, NBK has a series of videos on their website called NBK TV. These informational videos showcase their products and how to properly use them with your child.

While Natural Bunch Kids does focus on kids’ hair care, amid the recent pandemic, they have taken on another responsibility.

Natural Bunch Kids’ Mask Program Amid COVID-19

Ceus has spent her entire career working with children and ways to improve their lives, so it was only fitting that she used Natural Bunch Kids to do her part in the fight against COVID-19. The goal of her “I Am Protected” campaign is to protect children and families during the pandemic by providing adequate resources like child-sized masks. By purchasing one of NBK’s I AM Protect-Aid Kit, NBK will donate one child mask to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Located in South Florida, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is the only children-only hospital in South Florida. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has been a part of the worldwide fight for resources to properly protect staff and patients from the virus.

The kit comes with Nourish Me Health Vitamin Gummies, a 5-layer mask and a hand sanitizer, you can find them here. The Center for Disease Control has numerously told Americans how important it is to wear face coverings around others in order to potentially end the pandemic. Natural Bunch Kids recognizes and prioritizes providing masks to children in order for them to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

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From empowering women, educating parents and now, providing resources during a pandemic, Ceus and her team at Natural Bunch Kids aim their efforts toward bettering the lives of families. This black-owned small business’s goal is more than bringing in a profit, it is bringing families together and empowering young women of color to embrace their culture through their hair.

Be sure to check out Natural Bunch Kids’ Instagram to follow along their part with ending this pandemic and their work with empowering young people to embrace their natural curl.


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