These Games Are More Accessible Than You Think

These Games Are More Accessible Than You Think

Many of the best known games played in the world today have developed a certain mystique around themselves. This is due to the fact that they offer depth of play that enables extremely talented players to emerge as virtual luminaries in their chosen game. While this contributes to the notoriety of these games, it can also make new players feel as if the learning curve associated with them is too steep to be worth persevering in. In most cases this is simply not true. Below we take a look at 3 classic games that are known to provide a good challenge for players, and explore whether they’re really as difficult to attain proficiency in as their reputation may at times attest to.


Chess is an iconic game and one that is strongly associated with qualities of intellectual excellence and genius. This is because chess allows for rich strategy as a result of its combination of different pieces, each of which can do a different type of move. Chess has experienced a bit of a comeback thanks to its rising profile in the world of Esports, and the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit, a standout Netflix production which offered a fictionalized account of the life of chess prodigy Elizabeth Harmon.

While it’s true that chess at the top level is often a demonstration of extraordinary tactical thought, in truth anyone can play chess once they understand how each piece moves. Chess uses the Elo rating system in order to arrive at a skill level for players. This means you can seek out players at a similar level to you, ensuring you’ll always be able to have competitive and engaging matches. This process is even automated on platforms such as, which is considered the premier hub online for the global chess community. Even grandmasters such as Bobby Fischer have been known to drop into games on the website. In addition to providing a good, active venue for you to play chess, has its own tutorial section designed to encourage new players to refine their skills and understanding on their path to becoming comfortable with this most elegant of board-games.


Roulette is a perennial classic of casino culture, though few realize it has experienced a minor renaissance online among digital natives seeking on-demand gaming experiences. This means it’s easy to pick up and play in browser-based and mobile versions. While roulette may seem at first glance to be a complicated game, with numerous components and elements, the rule-set and process is simpler than you might imagine. If you need to brush up on the basics, there are comprehensive guides available online that cover everything from how the number lay-out works, to recommended betting strategies and common techniques. Moreover, the 300% casino bonus that most gaming platforms now provide will give your game more interest and guarantee a 100% win. Before long you can be up to speed and comfortable with the core gameplay mechanics of this opulent table game.


Anyone who knows even a little bit about Go could be forgiven for assuming it’s an extremely difficult and complicated game. After all, any game that has more potential board configurations than there are numbers of discrete atoms in the universe is likely to be, in the very least, sophisticated. And this is true, go, which has a similar reputation in the far east to chess in the west, is considered a classic of strategy and foresight. Where Go differs from chess however, is that the goal is not so much about conquering your opponent as it is simply outplaying them. This is done by capturing parts of the board, in much the same way as an army may capture territory. Victory comes about when a player has effectively exhausted their opponent’s options when it comes to improving their position.

A novel outcome of this is there is no definite end point to a Go game, instead it has to be agreed upon by both players. To get started learning Go you can make use of some great resources and guides online. There are a host of serviceable Go apps that can give you an AI opponent to practise with, though, as with all games on this list, the best and most fun way to play is to find another human willing to learn with or play against you.

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