Rabble Wine Makes Earth Day Cool Again

Rabble Wine Makes Earth Day Cool Again

The Wynwood Museum Photo Credit Simon Soong

Last Saturday was Earth Day and Rabble Wine took it upon themselves to make Miami cool again by hosting an exhibition at the museum of Graffiti in Wynwood. The theme of event was Reduce, Reuse, and Remix, and featured many fun activities.

Some of the highlights include; Art presented through augmented reality, tastings for Rabble’s full range of wine, food, and upcycled denim jackets.

Guests recieved custom upcycled denim jackets. Interestingly the denim jackets are printed on using AIR-INK, and the product is an ink made from air pollution. Similarily the art featured in the exhibition are all pieces contructed from reclaimed and found objects by the artists. These pieces of art also use the same ink as the denim. On top of the eco-Ink, Rabble Wine is also working to protect natural vineyards from harmful pesticides, while reducing carbon emissions.

Rabble also worked with artists to create an auction for an upcycled bottle. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds will benefit the CLEO Institute. A women only nonprofit organization in Florida, that exclusively dedicates all efforts to climate education, advocacy, and engagement.

Exhibition and Event Highlights

Some of the artists in attendance were Miami local artists Ahol Sniffs Glue, Abstrk, Krave, Nico, Sero, Gustavo, Oviedod. The artists will also be displaying their work at the museum for the duration of the exhibition. Other highlighted guests were tv personalities Candela Ferro and Avni Parekh.

The exhibition Graffiti Art for a Better Earth will be on display through the month of June 2023. Both the artists and the museum hope to share their message of ‘dope eco-friendly art’ with Miami, and inspire viewers to be a little more eco conscious. They even said “Whether you’re a committed activist or looking for new ways to get involved, or just want to experience some art…” To stop by and check it out!

All Images Courtesy of Redeye.com and Simon Soong

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