Q & A With Actor Isaac J. Sullivan

Q & A With Actor Isaac J. Sullivan

For people who don’t know who Isaac J. Sullivan, can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. In Fashion I’ve worked as an International Model for brands like Armani, Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, to Sean John. In television and I’ve worked on shows like House of Payne, Fashion star, dancing with the stars, been on the Queen Latifah Show, done motorcycle commercials in the Pacific Northwest for Spyder, cable TV spots, and National Commercials for things like Old Navy ‘Flex Fit’ Jeans. (They’re super comfy btw) I am also involved in music, film production, and have done several movies, most recently playing Baby-face in The Bobby Brown Story. I am the ambassador of an international cologne fragrance called Zipped premier and I love life.

What or who was your inspiration to becoming an actor?  

Performing was my inspiration. Every since a Kid I knew I wanted to be on stage in a sense. I did plays in elementary school and it was a choice. Tin man, Peter Pan, Charlie Brown… The camaraderie in the preparation I really enjoy. Watching Will Smith made me really believe I could be an actor though; And that was more in my teens.

How was it preparing for your first role on film? Were you nervous or excited? 

I was both! At that point you really just have to trust and rely on your preparation and techniques. You know that the moment is coming now that you’ve secured the job… you got one shot to be ready.

If you weren’t an actor, what other career would you pursue? 

I’d be an FBI agent. No doubt about it. Or a firefighter. Helping people for sure.


How long have you been acting for?

I Started in like 4th grade but didn’t take it seriously until I found some opportunities in college.

Are you currently happy with the stage you’re at as far as acting or do you feel there is more to accomplish?

To be honest I am very happy with the chances I’ve been given in my career and the success that I’ve had in it. As far as acting goes I want to work with more of the best and create more success for myself and others as well so yeah, there is more to accomplish.

What TV shows or movies are you looking to be apart of next?

The next good ones. Haha No, there are so many projects nowadays; I’m looking forward to the ones we’re creating, as well as the ones I would serve well to come in on.

Is there one director that you dream of working with?

Stephen Spielberg is a director that I dream of working with. If you can work with him, I think that says a lot about what you’ve been able to do in you’re career and he, in my opinion is the pinnacle of directors.

If you had to hit the red carpet at the Oscar’s or Emmy’s, what would be your choice of fashion?As far as designer?

I’m not a designer preferred person believe it not so I don’t know. i will say that i’m an underdog enthusiast so whoever it was would be unknown- unless the designer brand was just wayyyy to fly to decline. Can never go wrong with Armani too.

These question are move geared to the recent BOBBY BROWN PROJECT:How was it working on set for the new Bobby Brown Movie? 

It was amazing, working on the set was interesting because we shot the first scene of shooting. So the first day I meet Mehki Phiefer, Laz ALonzo, and Woody McCLain. It’s our scene, we’re all hanging out together, and it was like being with friends.

Did you have to do a lot of research when it came to playing Baby-face or you already knew about his music?

I did Tons of Research. I wanted to know everything there was to know about what made baby-face- baby-face, So i could give the most accurate portrayal and performance.

What made you want to be involved in this project?

This project had a lot to do with African Americans in the history of music, and after the success of the New Edition Movie, I wanted a shot to play a historical figure myself and God blessed me with that Opportunity. So I took it.

If  you could portray any musician in a movie who would it be and why?

I’m not sure I guess I’d have to look something like them right? Baby-face was perfect.

Do you have any advice for up and coming actors who are looking to get into the industry?

Yes, don’t just look to get into the industry- get into the industry! Look up conventions like Careers in Entertainment, Go to film School, Study the craft now, and when your moment comes, you’ll be ready for it. Also understand the power in creating your own story and shooting it. You might start off bad but let me tell you- everything starts off bad. So hurry up and get through the bad, so you can work to the good.


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