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Frette A New Design Journey



Whether its home on a private jet; Frette creates the most comprehensive service for their customers.  Frette’s heritage is built on using the finest Italian fabrics and craftsmanship to create elegant and timeless patterns.

Frette is still known as the global authority for fine linens.  Frette’s linens are available in a wide variety of shades to match any room scheme.  Frette also has a home wear collection are luxurious pieces.

The home wear collection comes in crisp cotton collection and smooth silk. Every piece in the story/collection evokes the elegant ease of the Frette style of living.


The new showcase is called Chapter One: Style of living.

In this chapter, the Frette story embodies luxury and great design. This new chapter is focuses on making Frette an integral part of ones style of living. While staying true to the Frettes name and roots, the new approach embraces contemporary living. Also in this chapter of Frette new design journey, Frette reflects the elegant ease of a new style of living for the bedroom, bathroom and beyond.




Frette         Frette

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