“Women Don’t Produce Music” With Sarah Kinsley

“Women Don’t Produce Music” With Sarah Kinsley

Going Viral In Her New York City Apartment

21 year old Columbia student, Sarah Kinsley went from posting covers of Justin Bieber songs on Tik Tok to waking up one morning with paramount virtual responses from newfound fans, “My phone was buzzing uncontrollably. I kid you not, if I had left it on a table, it would have fallen off.” For Sarah, it all started when she took a leap of faith and released her first song on Tik Tok, “Women Don’t Produce Songs” and almost immediately received hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and reposts to her surprise. She was raised on her parents’ music of U2 and ABBA tapes and the early 2000s Taylor Swift country music, and has kept that in her back pocket while producing her own music with a relevant generational and youthful twist. In the spring of 2021 Sarah posted a snippet on Tik Tok of her upcoming June release of “The King”. She instantly received millions of likes, reposts, and responses with millions of Tik Tok users around the world eagerly counting down the days until her release.

The King

Sarah Kinsley’s music features aesthetic undertones of artists like Lorde, Maggie Rogers and Clairo, but she has always managed to create a space applicable to her generation. “The King”, now with over 5 million listens around the world, exceeded the expectations her other songs set forth. The song is deeply transformative and carries lush textures driven by feelings she so seamlessly captures that seems as if it is meant for a period piece film. The song begins with dashing piano notes followed by Fleetwood Mac like drum rolls. The song gives substance to the definition of “pop music”, Sarah was able to completely manipulate different sounds to the point where they are really her own; this song is like no other, you never want it to end. She samples her voice throughout the song and creates overlap, almost resembling the notes of a violin. Play this song on repeat when you’re driving with the windows down or frolicking in an endless field of sunflowers, you will not regret it.


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