The Future of Music is the Metaverse: Warner Music Group and Sandbox Host NYC Event ft. Sueco

The Future of Music is the Metaverse: Warner Music Group and Sandbox Host NYC Event ft. Sueco

Image by Gabriella Medina – The Garnette Report

On June 21, Warner Music Group and Sandbox hosted an afternoon of cultural conversations during NFT NYC. They delivered a three-part panel discussion about the intersection of music and the Metaverse at Gotham Hall. Panel members included CEOs, Warner Music Group reps, artist managers, and even Platinum-selling recording artist, Sueco The Child. 

WMG and Sandbox first partnered up in January to tease opportunities the collaboration could present. Since then, Sandbox has partnered with musical artists like Sueco and Tiësto to explore how music fits into the Metaverse. According to WMG and Sandbox, people can expect concerts and festivals to be held on WMG’s virtual plot of land. Through Sandbox land ownership and general Metaverse involvement, fans can attend their favorite artists’ events in a novel way that’s deeply immersive.

The Sandbox celebrated WMG partnership and previewed upcoming musical projects throughout Tuesday’s event. Image by Gabriella Medina – The Garnette Report.

Before the event’s commencement, The Garnette Report asked panel observer, Ana Ginter, about her preliminary thoughts on the partnership. Ana works in artist management at Warner Music Group.

GM: What are your current thoughts and opinions on music in the Metaverse?

AG: I think its definitely a space that benefits both the artist and the listener. I think there’s some things we need to figure out in terms of what the incentive is to get the casual listener to want to be in the space, but I think the benefits on both sides are promising and awesome. 

GM: As someone involved in the music industry, do you foresee any complications that could come up like with music rights? Rights issues are pretty straightforward when it comes to live streamed performances but when it comes to video games, how does the line blur? 

AG: I definitely think there’s a blurred line and I think its always been around when it comes to Youtube and all of that stuff. It’s always been there. I think it’s one of those things that people figure out as they go. With the innovation that comes, right on its tail are the lawyers and the rights that come with it. 

GM: If you were to see any artist dip their toes in the Metaverse who hasn’t yet, who would you pick? 

AG: That’s a good question. I would love to see the older generation of artists jump in. I don’t have a specific artist, but I think the younger generation understands the world of Metaverse through tech and gaming. So, I’d love to see an artist with an older generation audience really captivate that space.

The Importance of Community

The panel discussion centered the benefits that Web3 could give to both artists and their fans. The concept of building and sustaining a “community” in the musical Metaverse was emphasized. 

Panelist Oana Ruxandra is the Chief Digital Officer, EVP, and Head of Business Development for WMG. When asked about what the Metaverse can contribute to the music ecosystem, she echoed the day’s largest takeaway:

“For us, for all of our artists, we think, ‘let’s build a community that’s excited and does 99% of the creation.’ They’re the ones involved, they’re the ones marketing, they’re the ones creating. Because if they’re not creating, then the community is failing.”

Sueco in the Metaverse

The community-based business model not only benefits fans, but also the artists involved in the Web3 space. During his panel, Sueco commented that he’s never felt closer to his fans. Through his involvement in the Metaverse, he’s been able to interact with his supporters on a deeper level. He was also praised by fellow panelists for his authenticity in his involvement throughout the NFT space. 

“Yeah, I didn’t just tweet something. I was in the Twitter space, I was in the Discord, I was answering questions, all of that” the artist confirmed. 

The Garnette Report spoke briefly with Sueco after the panel. 

GM: Through your Metaverse debut and your Discord it seems you’re closer with your fans than ever. Would you ever consider having your fans collaborate with you on projects in the space? 

Sueco: Especially in the Web 3 space, if they have a good idea then yes. I’m definitely interested in that. 

GM: How does it feel to be a part of such a historical collaboration between Warner Music Group and Sandbox?

Sueco: It’s definitely…groundbreaking. We’re making history right now and it’s really exciting. 

Sueco first gained notoriety with his single “Fast” in 2019. The track went viral on Tik Tok and amassed 3 million videos using his sound. Since then, Sueco has collaborated with Travis Barker, Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Yachty.

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