Upcoming Artist: Mothica Rises on Debut Album Blue Hour

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Singer-songwriter Mothica released her debut album Blue Hour in late August, a dark pop album full of personal lyrics and steady beats. 

Though Mothica has been working as an independent music artist for six years, she only recently cemented herself as one of pop’s up-and-coming stars following the viral fame of her single “VICES”.  Like many modern hits, “VICES” reached its viral status on TikTok when a video of the singer crying while listening to the masters of the then unreleased track caught the attention of the app’s massive user base. Now, Mothica’s original post has reached 5 million views on TikTok and VICES has racked up over 9 million streams on Spotify. 

Mothica (Photo: Derrick Lee, BlurredCulture)

Still, the real gem of Mothica’s overnight fame is her debut Blue Hour which showcases the artist’s knack for catchy melodies and electronic production. A strong follow up to her 2018 EP Ashes, Blue Hour is more centered and self-assured. A confident debut, the album opens with “NOW,” a song as cool and sultry as the artist herself. “Don’t get too close to me, you won’t like what you see” Mothica warns on this opening track and yet a closer listen is both welcome and more than warranted when it comes to Blue Hour

 Stand out tracks such as “Blackout” and the titular “Blue Hour” prove that Mothica’s ability to craft a hit is not limited to her “VICES” success. Through both her music and visuals, Mothica has crafted a beautiful, haunting era for herself. With edgy stylings and illustrious tattoos, Mothica mixes the gothic look of Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz with the airy flare of Norwegian pop singer AURORA. 

What makes Mothica stand apart from the crowd the most is made obvious early on with the track “everything at once” where Mothica sings “I can’t cry, I’m too anxious…I’m not feeling numb I’m just feeling everything at once.” Open and relatable, Mothica’s tracks are filled with personal lyrics that allow listeners to feel everything she does. A refreshing change from the apathetic, too-cool attitude artists so often try to emulate when creating standard electro-pop tracks.

Mothica (Photo: Facebook)

With songs “oh god,” “Hungover,” and “SPIRAL” Mothica grapples with the very real and difficult struggles of alcoholism and depression. Topics which the singer has been open about both on social media and in her artistry. Speaking about these struggles in an interview with No Majesty,  Mothica shared that the album is “written from me realizing I had a problem, to being in the hospital, therapy, and then it ends with me. I feel very strong in my sobriety now. [Blue Hour] is like a little time capsule for sure.”

Catchy, angsty, and full of strong beats, Mothica’s music is perfect for the age of internet music stardom. On Blue Hour the artist broods and laments through her lyrics while keeping listeners hooked on upbeat musical refrains, making Mothica a rising star worth following.


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Upcoming Artist: Mothica Rises on Debut Album Blue Hour