Utilitarian Designer Tommy Bogo Makes His Big Break Through Tombogo

Utilitarian Designer Tommy Bogo Makes His Big Break Through Tombogo

Meet the L.A.-based experimental designer and creative director Tommy Bogo, who is breaking the norms when it comes to the culture of sustainable and impactful fashion. The designer is walking proof that out-of-the-box fashion can prevail to shift the culture of today’s fashion through his brand, Tombogo. 

Not only does the brand highlight a pivot in the designer’s life but also the evolution of everyday life. Tombogo is a way for Tommy to navigate through life to become his best self but also share these experiences with others so they can learn and grow as well. Tommy Bogo was a lost boy that found himself through tangible elements of artistic expression through clothing.

The Bay Boy Behind Constructive Aesthetic

Growing up in Oakland, California, Tommy has always been surrounded and inspired by self-made artists. This triggered the designer to launch his creative expedition. During Bogo’s early years he was very proactive in high school, where he printed and sold tees from his locker. 

To promote his work he would do a series of pop-up shops and expand his network where he allowed up-and-coming artists to perform. Some of these artists included Guapdad 4000 and Larry June, who grew to become well known for their craft. 

Through these pop-up shops, Bogo opened up the network for the creative community, closing the gap of separation and hoping to spark unity in the Bay area. Ultimately, this connection paved the way for Tombogo. 

Bogo never just wanted Tombogo to only be relevant in the Bay area, he always saw a bigger vision. His devotion for design expanded after his trip to Japan, where he observed how the people there valued the craftsmanship behind their creations. Being able to witness performance executed with functionality, adaptability, and high quality motivated the designer to want to do the same for his brand. 

After this Bogo moved to New York to kick off a new chapter in his design journey. His breakout year came in 2019, after an excellent presentation at New York Fashion Week. This moment set the tone for much of the brand’s success and recognition. 

Today, Bogo currently resides in Los Angeles, California. From printed tees to far more technical products such as trousers, bags, sunglasses, shirts, hoodies, and much more. 

It’s no surprise that the brand has caught the attention of familiar celebrities, Kehlani, Brent Faiyaz, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, Kid Cudi, and more. 

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