The Femme Duo Conquerin The World of Design

The Femme Duo Conquerin The World of Design

Meet the fashion-savvy, luxury brand Frankie Ray that touches many many fashionistas with admiration of their tracksuits and business bags to help shift the culture of upscale tracksuits, bags, briefcases, and more. Hoping to always make sure that each of their customers is reaching one step closer to achieving their best life, the brand is here to stay as they explore lifestyles with no limitations.

Launched in March 2020, the femme duo Sasha Spivey and Stacey George took the risk to jump into the fashion world as we began to shut down and enter a period that shift the rest of our culture. The brand strives to redefine the muse through innovation and luxury to create everlasting moments of timeless fashion for the future.

It’s no surprise that the duo’s hard work and consistency to bring their vision to life has allowed Frankie Ray to become a powerhouse in the industry of business bags! Crafted from delicate custom buffalo leather and microsuede, the empowering duo works to generate a statement of must-have pieces to go with the rest of your wardrobe.

By reinforcing a life of no rules, the two goddesses bring back that I made it because I can and love it to the design process. Their driving motivation, to create with freedom and exploration, has brought a fun experience for any shopper that seeks to be a rebel in style.

Promising a fierce yet fun lifestyle has always been the mission behind the brand as they continue to give the people versatile threads and encourage them to live the best version of themselves.

The lifelong best friends have created a reign of sophistication in the world of fashion that will always be notable for bringing out the fabulous in everyday attire, business, and travel to electrify spaces of the modern world.

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