Sophia Dashing releases a new single and video

Sophia Dashing releases a new single and video

On October 26th, Sophia Dashing released a single titled “Lonely” along with a video treatment for YouTube. The song and pink-filled video treatment are both poppy, dance inducing, and sexy. “Lonely” is an anthem for someone desiring someone else.

More about Sophia Dashing

Dashing is an up-and-coming pop singer, songwriter, and dancer from Atlanta, GA. She’s been dancing professionally since she was eight years old and singing since she was six. Evidently, she has been preparing for this her whole life. After studying fashion and the arts in Paris, France, Dashing returned to the states because of the pandemic and found that songwriting and performing live for an audience are her life’s passions.

As for her influences, Dashing cites artists like Britney Spears, Madonna, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, JoJo, Ariana Grande, and other famous female pop-star, singer-songwriters. This blend of influences has shaped her all-around pop sound and performing qualities. Dashing describes her own sound as Pop with R&B influences.

As of this year, Dashing earned over 500,000 streams across all streaming platforms. She has also has 14,000 monthly listeners and two songs on Spotify with over 100,000 streams. “Divine” is a fun, spacey, pop song and has 136,000 streams, while “way i” is a slower R&B vibe with 231,000 streams. Both songs also have 4.4K views on YouTube, each.

Dashing’s new song, “Lonely”, is also on its way toward success. On YouTube, it has 1.7K views in only nine days. On Spotify, it already has almost four thousand streams.

Sophia Dashing is most definitely on her way to stardom. With an impressive 10,000 followers on Instagram and 2,500 on TikTok, she is showing true potential for celebrity. With her traction in the past year alone, Dashing is sure to reach her goals of being one of the industry’s biggest singer/songwriters in pop music.

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