JAY ME LLAMAN Releases Debut Album

JAY ME LLAMAN Releases Debut Album

R&B artist JAY ME LLAMAN recently released his newest album, AT LEAST I TRIED and it’s clear that he has immersed himself entirely into the music. Serving as a debut album, the tracklist mixes pop, r&b, and dance music. The album comes as a conceptual work with 13 themes covering different stages and moments in JAY ME LLAMAN’s life. AT LEAST I TRIED musically captures a deeper understanding of relationships and portrays it as creatively r&b as possible. 


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Born and raised in Badajoz, Spain, JAY ME LLAMAN comes from a long history in music. Growing up he was always very invested in instruments and music. Having learned guitar and piano from an early age, he began to take initiative with making that love reality. JAY ME LLAMAN remained active in music and began performing and composing for concerts in 2012. From Madrid to Extremadura, he has engaged his passions with his roots. Taking inspiration from artists like Drake, JAY ME LLAMAN has integrated electronic beats, soft melodies, and subtle lyrics in his songs. Nonetheless, he has created a name for himself in music that can best be described as vigorous and unequivocally himself.  Some of his past songs include r&b singles “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” and “KEEP ON DANCING.”

The Album Review

AT LEAST I TRIED beautifully intermingles soft pop melodies and r&b beats. The album also carries a cadence that meshes well together, yet doesn’t stray from the tracklist concept. The artist’s songs discuss the different stages in a relationship. He highlights the ins and outs of love all while being lyrically honest with his emotions. In the song “OBSESSION”, he combines a euphoric rhythm with his bare vocals that also creates this strong sense of understanding. The entire album follows a chronological theme, and does so by embodying confident vocals and depicting delicate musical choices. 

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