Chloe Pearl: The Youngest Designer To Show At New York Fashion Week

Chloe Pearl: The Youngest Designer To Show At New York Fashion Week

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On Friday night outside of Sony Hall, the constant beat of electronic music was bumping through the front doors. People in chic, colorful, outfits lined the streets. And crowds of photographers, journalists, and fashion icons alike made their way down the marble stairs to Runway 7. Down at Runway 7 in Sony Hall is where I met Chloe Pearl.

Up-And-Coming Designer

With her debut runway show, Chloe Pearl made history Friday night as the youngest designer to show at New York Fashion Week. The 17-year-old designer has a lot on her plate. As a creator, up-and-coming designer, and student, Chloe has a lot to keep up with in her life. According to Chloe, staying organized and having people by her side has helped her stay on track. Amazingly, despite her busy schedule, Chloe was able to graduate high school early.

“I was doing an online school program and you can basically do the classes whenever you want. So, I made it a priority to finish my classes,” Chloe said, “I made it a priority to finish my classes and I just did it every day (even at three in the morning). And I finished in the summer.”

Although Chloe is not in school right now, she plans to start college next Fall. “I applied to a few colleges in the city for fashion. I’ve got accepted to a few, which is great,” Chloe said, “So, yes I am planning on going to college.” For now, Chloe has more time to focus on her brand and her new collection.

The Collection

The Marie Antoinette Collection shows a range of ultra-feminine and light lingerie pieces. The garments come in various pastel colors from yellow, to light green, to purple. Additionally, the collection also features both lace and silk fabrics depending on the style of the garment.

The young designer’s personal style is very diverse, but Chloe chooses clothes to reflect her value on self-love. As for the Chloe Pearl Marie Antoinette Collection, the designs are meant to make you feel like your most beautiful self.

“My personal style is about self-love and empowerment.” Chloe said, “I feel like the things I wear are very feminine at times and are things that make you feel beautiful. Everything (in the collection) is made to make you feel beautiful. That’s how I connect my personal style.”

Styled with pearl accessories, classic colorful wigs, and feathered fans, the models captured the crowd’s attention. The show ended with heart confetti raining down into the audience, symbolizing Chloe’s personal and brand vision. Much like the show, Chloe ended our interview with an uplifting message. “Our quote for our brand is ‘be the love of your life and I want people to remember that.”

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